Friday, April 24, 2009

The #OVISB (oh-VIZ-bee) Game - Friday's Version

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” – Japanese Proverb

Given the popularity of last Friday’s post, let’s have some fun this week on Twitter. We’ll call it the “Obama’s Vision is So Bad” (or #OVISB) game. All you need to play is a good sense of humor.

Here’s a couple simple rules:

1) No profanity or other forms of nastiness – don’t take us off message; and,

2) No meanness – leave the red meat for the convention.

We want jokes the general public will laugh? Why? Because all great humor contains a kernel of truth and, more important, we want as many people to laugh at these jokes as possible – even Democrats!

To make it easier, each day we’ll pick a theme. Today’s theme is “Current Events.” To play, just start each tweet with “#OVISB” and write your punch-line. Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Theme: “Current Events”

Obama’s Vision is So Bad…

#OVISB he thinks it’s OK to blame Bush for the economy but takes credit for W’s military.

#OVISB he gets his tax advice from Tom Daschle, no! Tim Guenthner, no! Kathleen Sebelius, no! Oh, forget, who needs to pay taxes anyway.

#OVISB he couldn’t hear what his minister was saying. (Oh wait! That’s a lack of hearing, not a lack of vision.)

#OVISB he thinks his poll numbers will never go down.

#OVISB he knows the only poll numbers that count are his numbers, not his policy’s numbers.

#OVISB he bought into the concept Reid and Pelosi were only there to help him.

#OVISB he has to borrow Nancy Pelosi’s.

#OVISB he thinks Rush Limbaugh is a greater threat to America than North Korea, Iran, China,…

#OVISB he thinks every third world country should have satellite TV, especially North Korea.

#OVISB he has no problem with releasing Guantanamo detainees but sics his press secretary on Rick Santelli.

#OVISB he went to a fortune-teller that used a rear-view mirror.

#OVISB he wants to repeat history. Who knows? It might turn out different this time.

#OVISB he blames Santelli, Cramer and GM’s CEO for the bad economy but not Pelosi, Reid and card carrying members of the UAW.

#OVISB he's building new railroads while China is preparing to launch our astronauts.

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