Friday, December 18, 2009

Barack's Head is in the Clouds

Let me get this straight. Obama goes to Copenhagen to collect a Peace prize for a peace he hasn’t achieved. He then gives a speech at the Danish capital calling for action to stop “man-made” global warming that may be neither “man-made” nor “warming.”

We can reach only one conclusion: Barack’s head is in the clouds.

Jim Carville once created a president by simply stating “It’s the economy, stupid.” My guess is Obama’s famous Blackberry does not include Mr. Carville’s number on his speed dial.

With unemployment more than 10% and no clear end to the recession in sight, there’s only one issue in the minds of Americans right now: the economy. Is the administration doing anything to prevent a repeat of 2008 when the mortgage resets come back in 2010 and 2011? Has Obama asked Congress to look at tax code tweaks that might engourage growth (and therefore hiring) in small businesses? Has the president taken actions which might elevate the stature of those visionary capitalists who will ultimately lead us out of this terrible recession?

No, no and no.

Rather than addressing the issue of collateralized mortgage obligations, BO has instead vilified the banks who had to figure out how to appease Congress by issuing these risky loans.

Rather than stimulate small business, BO has allowed Congress to overspend our budget for the sake of public-employee union-friendly “shovel-ready” projects and for bailing out the highly unionized (and dying) auto industry.

Rather than look to investors and wealth creators for innovative solutions, he has handed the check book over to Harry Reid and the whip to Nancy Pelosi in hopes of “solving” our health care “crisis” by punishing those who’ve earned the opportunity to freely choose.

In the meantime, while the economy burns, BO fiddles around with his failed European posse.

Is this the “change” America wanted?

Is this the “hope” America yearned for?

In less than a year, we’ll find out.

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