Thursday, March 26, 2009

Will Obama's Cuban Missile Crisis Topple America Forever?

If you hated America and wanted to set the seeds to its destruction, what would you do? A few years back, several Islamic fascists decided destroying our nation’s economy lay at the heart of destroying the United States itself. So they hijacked a few fuel-laden planes and piloted them into the Twin Towers.

Right idea, bad plan.

The terrorists who killed 3,000 innocents on 9/11 miscalculated. For a brief moment, their horrific act galvanized America and world opinion into one coherent mission – destroy the savages responsible for 9/11. The sudden loss of the World Trade Center created a short-lived recession, but our country just as quickly bounced back, mainly due to decisive and determined leadership.

Would that we had that same leadership today (or even six months ago).

You see, our Founders built America on three simple principles: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In the past, our enemies sought to defeat us by directly attacking our life and our liberty. Little did they realize – in part because their own vile systems failed to recognize this essential human right – the United States thrives on the ingenuity of the individual citizen, not due to some mere edifice. And what motivates our citizens?

Success. Their pursuit of happiness.

In other words, America’s economic system provides the lifeblood to our creative soul. From this daily pursuit, we live our bountiful lives and exercise our God-given liberty. A vibrant free economy both guarantees and demands a free citizenry. Destroy our buildings, we will rebuild them. Murder our population, we will avenge them. But take away our economic engine and you just might take away the will of our majority.

Two weeks ago, Russia floats the idea of a world currency. Earlier this week, China called for the creation of a new world currency. Today, a UN panel proposes a world currency. All the while, George Soros says, “I’m having a very good crisis.” A coincidence or a coordinated attack?

Despite its fluctuations, the dollar has performed admirably as the world’s standard currency. Better still for Americans, its prominence gives our country cache even when we’re tight on cash. We can use the aura of the dollar to extract deals from hostile agencies for our own best interests. And if we’re not looking out for our own best interests, who will?

This is not the first time the dollar has been under attack. In mid September of last year, China offered a similar idea. This fell on deaf ears as the Bush administration’s good standing with China helped defray a potential currency crisis. Of course, less than two weeks later, the Bush administration, recklessly led by the Democrat Congress, began a trend only accelerated by the Obama administration.

So, let’s change our original question a bit: If you hated America and wanted to set the seeds of its destruction and you were President of the United States, what would you do? My guess: You’d spend the grandkids inheritance on political pork and incumbent-protecting earmarks. Oh, and you’d get your Secretary of Treasury to publicly agree to consider the idea of replacing the dollar with a new world currency.

Whoosh! More than two-hundred years of creative growth and almost sixty-five years of Post-WWII economic prosperity gone in less than 65 days.

Shortly after America chose its youngest elected President, the Soviet Union tested a seemingly na├»ve John F. Kennedy by placing missiles in Cuba – a mere ninety miles from our shores. A truly inexperienced chief of state would surely “consider” the options. Perhaps because he was surrounded by a bevy of grizzled veterans, or maybe because he himself served in combat during WWII, Kennedy acted decisively and directly. The Soviets backed down, allowing today’s older adults to enjoy a flourishing childhood.

Today the world fights America not with bullets, but with business. And we’ve got a youthful president surrounded not by the best and the brightest, but by puny ideologues who aren’t even smart enough to know to pay their taxes and who have precious little experience running a business, let alone a country.

And who says the President doesn’t really matter

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  1. You have, in this wonderfully written blog post, captured my thoughts all day today. I even expressed as much to my sweetie tonight. When will it end? What will we look like in a year?