Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who (or Why) is Don Publius?

I am not Don Publius.

I am “Don Publius.”


There’s an old morality tale. It’s about the true test of character: How would you behave if you found a ring of invisibility? Would you use your new found secret to surreptitiously save the day? Or would you use your cloak of non-detectability to steal what you felt was always yours? Or, given a ring of such superior advantage but fraught with such accompanying ethical dilemma, would you bury it and never think of it again.

Such is “Don Publius.” It is my personal veil of invisibility, to the extent any such shroud is possible in the age of the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Department, let alone the missing FBI files.

But the more important question is “Why?” The answer, my friends, lies in the most simplest of phrases – no good deed goes unpunished. I do not wish to be punished for my good deeds. Still, I want to accomplish good deeds.

In today’s culture, to truly accomplish a good deed, one must brook the convention of political correctness. Where once America embraced debate, the diverse opinions of the many and loyal opposition, now we have a culture too affixed on the banality of agreeable mediocrity. And any who dares question the comfort of mass opinion shall be crucified on a cross of public ridicule.

So, am I a coward to hide behind “Don Publius” rather than defiantly sticking my jaw out for all to see? Perhaps. But, perhaps, this is a statement of the America we live in today. For, you see, if it were me acting alone, I would gladly become the face of rebellion. Alas, I fully understand others – less able to physically, emotionally or psychologically defend themselves – may suffer the repercussions for my individual actions. So I pursue this course of mysterious anonymity.

Let history judge the validity of my decision.

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